Noé Solange – Rise (EP)

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Noé Solange is a London-based electronic producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer. She releases her new EP, Rise. Being familiar with her musical abilities, I was expecting a lot from it before listening to it. And well, Solange absolutely delivered.

The EP starts with Sakura, an instrumental track. It creates the feeling of being in Japan, practicing yoga outdoors, where rest comes naturally. Really, it brought me so much peace. From this point on, I was only interested in hearing more. The title track follows, with Solange’s voice taking the lead. She cruises over the paradisiacal landscape of atmospheric textures. There are also some cool rhythmic twists that still catch me off guard.

Bloom is the third track of Rise. The instrumental in this case seems to be an imagined representation of Solange’s performance. It just works in every way. Wilting completes the project. It’s especially epic when it comes to the synths. The moment the song ends, you’ll be able to see life more clearly.

I’m enthusiastic as you may have guessed by now. It’s inspiring to see artists still experimenting and developing new genres. Check out Rise below!

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