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Prudns relies on DIY methods to produce and record all of her tunes. Last November, she shared WHYDOU. You’ll be swept away by its rich layers. Think of atmospheric synthesizers and energetic drum samples that reverberate in all directions. Soaring vocal melodies take up most of the space, but they’re perfectly balanced, which makes them truly powerful.

WHYDOU is inspired by the feeling of needing more from someone you love. Prudns begins with the line, “I tried to speak, but my jaw broke, I tried to fly, but I always fell.” as a metaphor for her metaphorical victimization in love.

Prudns may take some notes from Caroline Polachek and Björk, but always adding her own flair. It lends international appeal to the music she creates. We’re definitely fans, that’s for sure.

Check out WHYDOU below!

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