PUSCH Release True Hardcore Punk EP “Bow To Me”

Rock the Pigeon is honored to introduce our musical following to PUSCH and their latest EP “Bow To Me.” PUSCH is a true hardcore punk band, writing songs that land under the two-minute mark, pounding drums, emotive vocals, and all delivered with an outstanding amount of energy. The EP came out on February 8th, 2024. It’s still very fresh and in a world that is dominated by pop music, PUSCH surely stands out and breaks down walls.

The band has spent the past two years refining their sound, writing and recording these incredible songs that take the listener on a musical journey. The songs are all dynamic, have strong vocal hooks weaved in. PUSCH has definitely crafted a dynamic adventure for the listener, that stays interesting from start to finish.

The energy is fierce from the first song “Let My Phone Ring.” This song dynamically switches from classic sounding hardcore punk (similar to bands like Black Flag, Minor Threat, and 7 Seconds), to more emo sounding vocals, that stand out as catchy hook lines. The vocalist, Brandon, chants certain lyrics, that become contagious to the listener. It’s impossible to not want to sing along and chant along.

The attitude continues on “Spit.” This song expresses anger in a grand way. The story is of someone who is completely over it. Some of the lead guitars lean towards pop punk in this song, while the vocals stay very punk. We hear a more emo vocal sound in “Other Side.” The guitars stay strong and defiant, while the vocals flirt with a more emotional sound. The song’s mid-section includes some impressive screaming to lift the energy slightly.

Heavy guitars will make the listener want to step into a huge mosh pit. “Clad in Blood” is a perfect song to swing around in a mosh pit to. The band seamlessly changes tempos and strumming patterns throughout the track, making the song stand out musically. The EP ends as strongly as it started with “Magnum Opus.” This song is the most popular track of the EP on Spotify currently, clocking in at over 2,000 streams. It has the catchiest vocal hook on the record. The energy stays high throughout it.

This record is a punk masterpiece from start to finish. The wall of guitars, powerful drums, emotive vocals that change in dynamics frequently, and the relatable lyrics, will win fans that love the punk genre. Bow To Me by PUSCH is one of the best EPs Rock the Pigeon has heard in a long time. Be sure to enjoy it across all streaming platforms, including Spotify.

 Over the past two years, we’ve poured our hearts and souls into crafting these songs. Our vocalist, Brandon, channels the tumultuous journey of crossing the 25-year milestone, weaving tales of personal growth and resilience. This EP is our manifesto of empowerment—asserting our right to claim what’s ours, refusing to yield, and standing tall in the face of adversity.

written by Ryan Cassata

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