Sloane Skylar – Airplane Mode (feat. KID Tye)

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Sloane Skylar is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Chicago, based in Los Angeles. She unveils her latest single, Airplane Mode, which includes inventive drum patterns. The guitar melody radiates, casting a luminous contrast against the rhythmic backdrop. Skylar’s vocals ring with sincere emotion, making every note feel deeply personal. There’s a cool rap verse from KID Tye as well.

Airplane Mode sees Skylar emphasizing the value of self-esteem and the inevitable choice to sever ties with a relationship characterized by recurrent letdowns. The act of switching to ‘airplane mode’ is metaphorically used to signify a conscious step away from negativity, focusing on personal health, and ushering in an era of newfound invincibility.

Check out Airplane Mode below!

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