Imogen Clark is Iconic on “Big One”

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I’m gonna go out on a limb here and proclaim that Imogen Clark is destined to be an international star with the release of her new album The Art Of Getting Through in May.

Everything about this Australian artist screams “charisma.”

Her songwriting, singing, production wizardry and everything else.

Imogen’s latest single “Big One” is the best rock anthem I’ve heard in years, yet it’s vulnerable at its core. She truly has the potential to be the voice of her generation, just like Chrissie Hynde, Shania Twain and Liz Phair before her.

To help make that happen, Imogen is moving to the U.S. later this year. Australian artists who become superstars (like Kylie Minogue) have had to build their fan bases far beyond Sydney and Melbourne. Likewise, Clark has recorded her new album all over the world, from London’s Abbey Road studios to L.A.’s acclaimed East West studios. She’s enlisted the help of many A-list musicians, too. “Big One” features Gus Seyfertt on bass (Lana Del Rey, Adele), and Griffin Goldsmith (Dawes) on drums.

Imogen has been teasing her new album this winter with a string of great singles.

“If I Want In” chronicles her willingness to leave Sydney to fulfill her dreams. The LP’s title song is about the grit and tenacity it takes to triumph in both her career and relationships. And “All Hard Feelings” is about some bitter breakups she doesn’t plan on forgiving or forgetting.

Clark needs to find her Ryan Gosling because she’s been greatly underappreciated in previous relationships. “A lot of my music is about fighting for your own worth, fighting to matter and be valued,” she says. “This song is about wanting to be ‘the big one’ for somebody, to be a person who they can never forget, even if things don’t work out.”

Song-wise, “Big One” has a powerful two-tier chorus that builds to an ultra-catchy, Shania-like climax. It’s an anthem you’ll instantly want to sing along to, whether you’re hearing it on an L.A. freeway or dancing in the club.

I hope that “Big One” will be the seismic hit that makes Imogen a star on multiple continents.

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