Julian Robia Hides A Smile When You ‘Roll Them Pretty Eyes’

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Discover Julian Robia’s can’t-live-with-you, can’t-live-without-you country love song.

Julian Robia – ‘Roll Them Pretty Eyes’

‘Ain’t it funny how the things we love can’t help but drive us crazy’, sings Julian Robia in ‘Roll Them Pretty Eyes’. The realities of a long-term relationship mean that inevitably, you will get on each other’s nerves sometimes. Julian Robia has taken a silver-lining approach to this and dedicated a song to how great his love looks when she’s mad at him. He may be dancing with death, but it’s a catchy tune. 

Julian Robia is a singer-songwriter from Halifax, Nova Scotia, who grew up with a country lifestyle and landed in country music. This track marks his third release, and his first single of 2024.

“Roll Them Pretty Eyes’ is a laid-back country track with a cheeky edge and a catchy hook.”

I’ve always been a class clown’ open the wry lyrics, as Robia describes how he just can’t help but see the lighter side, even in arguments. He admits the risk of of telling your partner she’s hot when she’s mad at you – ‘famous last words from me’ – but soldiers through and tells her ‘when you get fed up you look amazing’. The melodies are natural and easygoing, with a hooky chorus, and delivered in Robia’s highly listenable, laid-back vocal stylings. 

The production combines chilled guitar strumming, sultry bass and some stomping beats. With some cool licks and dreamy vocal harmonies added, it sets up a great groove. Fans of modern country as well as more vintage acts like Kenny Rogers and Bryan Adams will find something to enjoy here. 

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