Little Lies Tackle Dementia With ‘Off The Meds’

Little Lies pay tribute to family members on ‘Off The Meds’ a song about Dementia.

Little Lies – Off The Meds

This Swedish duo, comprising the skilled guitarist and producer Mikael Nordgren and the talented singer Anna Maria Espinosa, defies genre boundaries, creating an unforgettable blend of pop, rock, indie, and experimentation with electronica and disco.

Individually, Espinosa boasts a successful solo career and collaborations with Sweden’s pop royalty, alongside renowned artists such as Neneh Cherry, Grammy winner Billy Paul, and Kevin Rowland from the iconic pop band Dexys Midnight Runners. Nordgren, known as Tiger Stripes in Stockholm, has made a mark as an underground producer, remix specialist, and DJ, gracing prestigious clubbing destinations worldwide.

Previewing their upcoming album, Little Lies presents Off The Meds, a unique take on dementia, as the band states:

Off the meds is about crossing the line of sanity and embracing it. It’s a tribute to my father, mother, and sister who have all suffered from dementia. There are musical influences from a sun-drenched Californian and bands like The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac but also nods to soul music, dream pop, and modern psychedelia. It’s been a favourite when playing live and now we are very excited to share ‘Off the meds’ with the rest of the world.”

Embarking on a sonic journey, Off The Meds unfolds with smooth guitar passages and dreamy instrumentation, harmonizing seamlessly with Espinosa’s extraordinary vocals. The song is a masterful fusion of well-rounded production and poignant songwriting, creating a soundscape that enchants listeners with hazy auditory delight.

Individually, they are two accomplished artists with boundless creativity, but together, Little Lies emerges as a powerhouse in the independent music scene, stirring profound emotions with their innovative musical style. This release serves as a prelude to their highly anticipated debut album, slated for release in April 2024 through Cosmos Music, setting the stage for their exciting journey ahead.

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