Exploring the Tranquil Sounds of Cipriani’s Latest EP ‘Meek’

Swiss singer-songwriter, Cipriani is out with a spectacular new EP “Meek.” Released on February 29th, 2023, Cipriani hopes to create a wave of optimism through his music through his peaceful instrumentation and voice. Cipriani has been writing music for over 30 years. His legacy shines throughout the EP.

The tranquil melodies grace the opening of the EP, setting the tone with “Forthlin Road,” a flawless introduction to the record. This track beautifully captures the relaxed essence of Cipriani’s songwriting, offering listeners a glimpse of what lies ahead. While drums and piano add depth to the composition, it’s the commanding presence of Cipriani’s guitar and vocals that steal the spotlight. Moreover, the inclusion of an exceptional string section elevates the song to greater heights.

“Waves Come and Go” introduces a subtle shift in vibe. Featuring electronic drums and synths, and a prominent piano, this track exudes a different energy compared to “Forthlin Road.” Despite its darker undertones, it maintains a tranquil essence. Capriani’s vocals unveil another dimension of his range, adding depth to the composition. The chorus injects a surge of energy, showcasing Capriani’s dynamic performance. With its infectious melody, the chorus becomes a memorable highlight, enticing listeners to revisit the track repeatedly. The song effortlessly transitions into a synth-driven section in its mid-section, offering a delightful surprise to the listener.

“Bond of Light” kicks off with drums, followed by strongly effected guitars, introducing yet another fresh sound to the listener. Capriani demonstrates his mastery in keeping both songwriting and production captivating. Reminiscent of singer-songwriters from the 70s, this track sees his voice soaring above the guitar chords, delivering a captivating chorus melody for this heartfelt love song.

“Mimosa Valentine” stands out as the record’s most beloved track to date. This singer-songwriter masterpiece drips with romance as it delicately portrays a day’s portrait. Centered around piano and Capriani’s soulful vocals, the song beautifully encapsulates his mellow nature once more.
Concluding the EP is “Life Is A Song,” where the piano takes the lead and maintains its prominence throughout the track. Capriani’s tranquil yet emotionally charged delivery persists, while a synth bass adds a modern touch to the composition. The fusion of sounds and instrumentation creates a captivating atmosphere, making it a compelling closing track that leaves listeners eager to press play and experience the entire journey again from the start.

Listen to this incredible EP on Spotify now:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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