Dallas Thornton – Saturn Return (Album)

Singer/songwriter and producer Dallas Thornton releases his fourth album, Saturn Return. It definitely takes you away from Earth to another planet. In any case, don’t worry, because the music there will remind you of home. Dallas brings all the vibes right to your ears.

Before diving deeper into the album, it’s critical to know it’s based around a concept, with each song serving as a sort of timeline. The sound is reminiscent of other indie artists, including Jon Bellion, Dr. Dog, Tame Impala, The Strokes, and Cage The Elephant. So if those acts are your thing, get ready.

Saturn Return kicks off with Mr. Nobody. This song introduces the soft indie-rock sound Dallas has mastered. Roll With The Punches is more punchy, and the lyrics make you realize how life works. Get It Right continues the previous track’s theme, but from different angles. We especially like the vocals here.

One More sticks out due to its heavily electronic chorus and upbeat feel. Should you break up, you’ll have the soundtrack to fall back on. Clouds reverberate with magical sounds that soothe your mind. Miss Misfit teaches you to let go, and the chorus will have you bouncing as you listen. Save Me A Dance and The Ride make a dangerous combination because they’re too catchy. Your speakers/headphones will be thankful.

Thornton’s work resonates deeply from within, evident in the album’s narrative that unfolds like a fascinating story. A natural-born artist, his growth promises continual expansion, opening doors for even more creative achievement.

Listen to Saturn Return below. It’s going to be an extraordinary time!

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