Leicester’s National Opera Unveils Debut EP ‘The God, The Child’

Leicester indietronica trio National Opera’s have been making a splash over the past few months, building momentum with some tastemaker press and radio support. Now releasing their debut EP, ‘The God, The Child,’ the band continue to showcase the vibrant musicality, emotive songwriting and multifaceted sound choices which make their music so interesting.

Sitting between Everything Everything, Joy Devision and Radiohead, ‘The God, The Child’ moves between it’s indie influenced guitar lines and sprawling electronics to create a sound somehere in the middle of the two. Tracks like ‘Different Place To Heal’ pulsate with shimmering synths and energetic beats, inviting listeners to the dancefloor, while others like ‘A New Kind Of Energy’ and ‘In Love’ weave melancholic feel.

At the core of the EP lies National Opera’s signature tight electronic drum sounds and alternative experimental atmosphere, providing a backdrop for the band’s poignant songwriting. The often falsetto, at times deep and commanding vocals soar across the EP, providing a captivating central focal point which ultimately sets the EP apart from the band’s contemporaries.

Reflecting on the EP, the band shares, “The God, The Child is about growing up and realizing that the world isn’t always what we hope it to be. But it’s also about holding onto hope for a better future through love and effort. Sonically, we aimed for a comforting vibe; Gary describes it as ‘cosy music,’ and that’s spot on. It’s music for dancing or embracing your loved ones through it all.”

Listen to the new EP below:

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