Stevie Jones and The Wildfires ‘Come In From The Rain’

Discover Stevie Jones and The Wildfires radio-friendly rock.

Stevie Jones and The Wildfires – ‘Come In From The Rain’

‘The boat was capsized, I was left swimming in the open sea…’ opens ‘Come In From The Rain’ by Stevie Jones and The Wildfires. Don’t be alarmed – we’re not entering a climate crisis here, this is a sea of the emotional kind. For when work doesn’t reward and dreams seem hopeless, Stevie Jones and The Wildfires have this song to remind us to keep going. 

Stevie Jones and The Wildfires are a well-established 4 piece band based in Northamptonshire. They’ve played many stages and received various airplay, and this single comes straight from their latest album, ‘Clarity In Dusk’.

‘Come In From The Rain’ is a catchy, feel-good rock song with a classic feel and a positive message.

The lyrics largely use metaphor to paint a picture of life’s struggles – ‘the roof was caving in, plaster was cracking’ – though more authenticity shines through when their real-life struggles are mentioned in lines like ‘playing any bar for any gig that goes’. The ‘come in from the rain’ hook is instantly memorable, and there are plenty of reminders to ‘have a little faith’. All of this is delivered with well-crafted melodies and assured lead vocals, with a hint of rawness. 

The production combines retro pads, good-time rock guitars, stomping beats, and chugging bass. With its power chords, solid vocal harmonies and a tight guitar solo, this track owes plenty to classic acts like Tom Petty, Ryan Adams and REM. It’s a tune that goes down easy and a strong addition to any radio rock playlist. 

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