Featured Music: “Unclaimed Baggage” by Lauren Gruwell

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StreetWave Media features music by Lauren Gruwell. Check out “Unclaimed Baggage” linked below…

“Unclaimed Baggage” was written by singer/songwriter Lauren Gruwell. This song is all about setting boundaries in any type of relationship that is no longer healthy. Her lyrics “the dimmest flame to burn the bridge, fueled by all your unclaimed baggage”, reiterate the idea that sometimes the final straw is small, but potent. “This song really hit home for me. I experienced a rather unhealthy cycle of abuse with a family member. I wrote it unexpectedly, but it was something I really needed to get out on paper. My heart and mind needed this song to be written, so I could process what I had been through”.

The song shines some hope on these types of relationships, with the lyrics in the bridge. “setting boundaries, drawing lines, holding space for healing in your time. Until then I’ll stop the bleeding with my silence, sometimes to love someone is best done… from a distance”. Relationships take two people engaged and involved. Sometimes to show someone we care, is to take a step back so no further damage can be done.

Lauren recorded this track as part of her 11 song LP country/pop album entitled, “Reverie”. She has been releasing one song per month since October (2023). She plans to continue releasing 1 song per month until the whole album is available. “Unclaimed Baggage” was recorded in downtown Nashville on music row. It was produced by 3X Grammy winner Zach Allen.

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