Yellowfly’s ‘A Promise’: A Captivating Love Song from Long Island

Yellowfly, the talented band from Long Island, led by singer-songwriter, Erich Glaubitz gives their all on the captivating love ballad “A Promise.” This heartfelt song delves into the theme of unwavering commitment to a love interest, despite unfavorable circumstances and poor timing. With earnest emotion, Erich Glaubitz delivers a poignant vocal performance, assuring listeners that one day the timing will be right again, and the romance will get to blossom once more. Enhanced by a memorable hook melody, the track is underscored by beautiful acoustic guitar arrangements that captivate from beginning to end. Yellowfly regularly plays shows in the vibrant music scene of Long Island, New York, with a perfect blend of originals and cover songs, so be sure to catch a live show to experience “A Promise” soon!

I wrote this one as I was transitioning from the single life to the family life. A promise is about a couple who are ending their relationship because they have committed to others. In doing so they realize their love for each other.

– Erich Glaubitz, Yellowfly

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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