ManyLights Pays Tribute: ‘Fly Away’—A Soulful Ode to Lost Loved Ones

ManyLights, the Jamaican-based artist, has just unveiled a heartfelt tribute in his latest release, “Fly Away,” dedicated to a friend that has recently passed away. This track boasts an infectious hook and impeccable rap flow, complemented seamlessly by a nostalgic old-school beat that aligns flawlessly with ManyLights’ signature vocal delivery. The rap vocals are brimming with raw emotion, capturing a profound sense of loss and grief. If you’ve ever grappled with the departure of someone dear to you, “Fly Away” serves as a touching reminder of shared experiences and a beacon of solace. Through its poignant lyrics and evocative melody, this song has the power to ease the burden of grief and offer a comforting sense of connection amidst the pain.

ManyLights is the moniker of DuRae O’Shea Wilkinson. DuRae O’Shea Wilkinson, also known as ManyLights, emerged into a world infused with music. His father, a recording studio engineer, reggae producer, and artist, had already woven a musical tapestry long before DuRae’s arrival on January 29th, 1988. DuRae’s baby crib was placed in the corner of his father’s recording studio. In their cozy two-bedroom apartment, DuRae found himself sharing quarters with the heartbeat of his father’s creativity.

Listen to Fly Away now:

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