Milena Galasso – distant

UK-based act Milena Galasso releases her new single, distant. It’s not your average pop song; it reflects an incredible amount of creativity. It’s brilliant how the melody progresses, for instance. It doesn’t stop there, because the beat is also appealing. With regard to the vocals, we can only be positive as they really add sparkle to the production.

This song explores the effects of technology on relationships and dating culture among young adults of our generation. With lines like ‘when all I see on your Instagram is stories’ and ‘unfollowed you on tiktok, Milena draws upon her own long-distance relationship experiences to perfect her hook.

Galasso believes that through her music, she can send a message to the world. Because of this, every word the singer conveys has power. distant will wrap around your ears and never let you go. Check it out below!

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