Jimi C & The Waves Starts Over On ‘Run Away’

Discover Jimi C & The Waves and their dreamy, retro pop.

Jimi C & The Waves – ‘Run Away’

The opening lyrics of ‘Run Away’ paint a familiar image of ‘driving up the coast’. Lovers have always wanted to run away, preferably into a sunset, and Jimi C & The Waves are no different. However, beneath the tried-and-true lyrics, this song has a strange surrealness that makes it catch the ear. 

Jimi C & The Waves is the project of Jimi Cracovaner, a California-based multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer and songwriter who is taking steps into building his own artist project. This marks his 5th artist single, but you may have spotted him on social media, usually playing about 3 instruments at a time.

‘Run Away’ is an upbeat, giddy love song with a retro-influenced production that builds a compelling world.

The lyrics tell the old tale of a desire to ‘start all over, head someplace real far’, with romantic ‘visions of you and me’ and promises like ‘I’ll travel to the end of the earth for you’. This is all delivered with plaintive vocals and solid melodies, with the ‘run away’ hook being memorable, but there’s room for more creative expression.

The production is striking, combining vintage harmonies that echo doo-wop with energetic, cow-bell-sprinkled beats that bring Wham and Human League to mind. With analogue synthesizers and a bouncy bassline, there are so many influences at work that the overall effect is dreamy and a little surreal. It still makes for a fun jam to put on in the car, but Jimi C & The Waves might just be one to keep an eye on. 

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