SEER SEEKER’s Breakthrough Album Empowers Listeners

SEER SEEKER presents “TO THE CORE,” a vibrant fusion of indie rock, hip hop, and rap. This expertly crafted album serves as a sonic journey, delving into important themes while captivating listeners with its diverse musical landscape. From the ethereal ambiance of “STARLIGHT” to the high-octane energy of “CHASE GOLD STAY GOLD” and “GONE TOO LONG,” SEER SEEKER’s commanding rap delivery and emotive choruses imbue each track with empowerment and resilience. Progressing through infectious anthems like “LIGHT IT UP” and “ALL THE WAY,” the album explores themes of overcoming adversity, culminating in the hopeful and empowering finale of “FOUND IT,” leaving listeners inspired and determined.

“This album was inspired by my belief in that there is an infinite power beyond us that no one can describe or imagine, and that one of the closest ways we can access that power is to create the most exciting music possible.”


The album starts off strongly with a keyboard drenched in reverb, setting the ethereal tone for “STARLIGHT,” which immediately captivates listeners with SEER SEEKER’s unique sound. Ballad-style vocals, accompanied by a resonant bass line, draw the audience deeper into the sound of SEER SEEKER. Sung in a classic emo fashion, the vocals evoke a sense of raw emotion and cut deeply. This opening piece seamlessly transitions into the next song “DIRT TO DUST,” where the tempo intensifies, mirroring a shift from sung vocals to rap vocals. SEER SEEKER’s rap delivery is precise and commanding, grabbing the audience’s attention with his rhythmic talents. With elements of metal music, the track exudes an intense energy, heightened by the addition of strings and heavy drums with lots of cymbals.

The drums command the next song, “CHASE GOLD STAY GOLD,” which feels even more intense in energy than the previous tracks. We hear a strong sub bass that comes in and out, adding another layer of urgency to the song. SEER SEEKER’s rapid-fire vocals exhibit his exceptional rap talents and rhythm, delivering a torrent of lyrical dexterity. An emotive chorus, steeped in an emo aesthetic, emerges as a compelling and irresistibly catchy focal point within the song. This song is a mood booster and feels empowering from start to finish. It’s definitely a song that could be someone’s hype anthem!

“GONE TOO LONG” follows this style very well. We hear heavy drums and bass. SEER SEEKER gives his fans yet another incredible rap delivery. Lyrically, this song has themes about overcoming feeling like an acoustic to focusing on a music career. SEER SEEKER shifts into many different rhythms on his verses, all with very smooth transitions. This song contains another irresistible chorus section that will lift the energy.

“GONE TOO LONG is about overcoming being an outcast to making a lasting impression in music.”


“LIGHT IT UP” contains one of the most catchy chorus sections on the record. This one will surely get stuck in your head while lifting the mood. The energy on this song is completely contagious. This is another song that could be used as a hype anthem. SEER SEEKER explains this song to be about taking the power back from the people who doubt him. He knows that these opinions will not bring him down. He knows he is destined for success, and with a record like this one, we have to agree.

“LIGHT IT UP is similar in that it’s about overcoming adversity, but it’s more directly aimed at those who doubt you.”


“ALL THE WAY” echos this sentiment again. He raps “I stay real, I stay me” and the chorus follows with the message “I could have gave up with my heart and soul hurting, I learned to wait another day, I’m going all the way…I know it’s no mistake, I know that I deserve this.” This song is an incredibly empowering track about not giving up, and continuing to chase the dream. Be sure to tune in to the lyrics on this track. These are definitely some of the most stand out on the record.

A heavy bass starts out “ANIMAL SPIRITS.” A pulsating synth line comes in while SEER SEEKER sings in an emo fashion above. His voice floats throughout the track. This is a fun song with another catchy melody line. The finale of the record is “FOUND IT” which also makes strong use of synthesizers and features more singing than rap. This song leaves the listener with a sense of hope and empowerment.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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