YORINA has an instinctive nature that allows her to unleash all the flavours of seduction with abandon. She shares MEMORY FLOODS as a new single. It narrates the realization of encountering someone toxic who blocks your path. The lyrics unfold so well. It’s true when someone keeps you from reaching your full potential, things get moody fast. You could almost compare it to walking through constant rain with no sun to warm you up. The cold just takes you over.

MEMORY FLOODS has haunting electronics that focus inward and outward. It’s especially absorbing at 2:55 when the break occurs. The vocals cut fluently through the mix, hovering around your ears.

What YORINA has done with this song is expectational. It feels perfect, and we didn’t even mention the classic aspect of the production, which makes it more impactful. So make the most of your chance and start listening below, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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