Kerin Carr Releases Incredible Debut EP “Songs For Workers”

Kerin Carr is out with her debut EP, “Songs For Workers.” Kerin Carr’s EP offers a captivating blend of melody, vocals, and lyrics, featuring a fresh rendition of her hit track “Rosie,” now titled “Rosie (V2),” with new vocals and lyrics brimming with emotion. The EP traverses various genres seamlessly, from blues and folk to soul and classic rock. Additionally, the EP introduces two brand-new tracks, including “I Will Lie,” exploring themes of denial in relationships, and “When I Was Lonely,” a soulful ballad reflecting on heartbreak and loneliness, while “The Queen of Siam” tenderly shares Carr’s grief over the loss of a friend through a folk-rock ballad.

The EP title, “Songs For Workers” is my acknowledgement of my background. I am fortunate to live in my nice old house not far from the beach in South Australia, but it’s a long way from Sheffield in England, where I was born. Sheffield was a worker’s town when I was growing up there: a noisy, smoky place of steel manufacturing. I’m from a working class background, and my determination comes from my working class mentality – to take nothing for granted, and don’t ever give up. 

– Kerin Carr

Kerin Carr’s music immediately captivates with her captivating blend of melody, vocals, and lyrics. This 4-song EP introduces a fresh rendition of her all star track “Rosie” now titled, “Rosie (V2)”, featuring new vocals and lyrics that brim with even greater emotion. The song seamlessly traverses various genres, from blues and folk to reggae and classic rock. “Rosie (V2)” boasts an irresistibly catchy melody intertwined with poignant storytelling lyrics. Enhanced by the inclusion of bluesy organ, punctuating guitar riffs, and tasteful instrumental solos, the song ascends to new heights. It starts as a laid-back jam and gradually escalates, with the organ soaring and drums pulsating. Carr’s heartfelt delivery imbues the track with a sense of emotion that will resonate deeply with all who listen.

The song story is a little altered: the verses are still about the impact of a life changing experience, and the dark places a mind can go when confronting such an experience. The chorus is expanded though; originally the character Rosie represented a single person who provided support during those hard times. But now, by changing the lyrics slightly at different times in the song, Rosie is a friend; Rosie is a lover; Rosie is a parent; Rosie is a mentor; Rosie is a lifeline. –

Kerin Carr

Both middle tracks are brand new releases, never heard until now. Kicking off with “I Will Lie,” the song channels the spirit of surf rock guitars and classic rock ‘n’ roll. The organ acts as the glue, uniting the instrumentation and injecting additional dynamism into the recording. Lyrically, the song delves into the theme of denial within a deteriorating romantic relationship. It explores the concept of self-deception as a means to avoid facing the inevitable end of the relationship. As the toxicity of the situation intensifies, so does the depth of denial.

“When I Was Lonely” is my personal favorite song on the record. This song is filled with soul. The ballad style song talks about the end of a relationship and the loneliness that follows and persists. The vocals are delivered with incredible amounts of emotion and soul. This is another song that makes great use of the organs. “When I Was Lonely” will always sound timeless, the amazing sound will carry on strong throughout the changing eras.

“When I Was Lonely” was not written for recording! I wanted to write a song that a live band could have fun with. The lyrics are sorta throwaway, although there are a couple of lines I quite like.  The song grew on me so I decided to record it – another reason is Joseph Cheek, who plays keyboards on it, purchased a 1939 Hammond organ with rotating Lesley Speaker system. It sounded so great when I first heard it I thought “I have to have this instrument on a recording!” I contributed a few layers of rhythm and lead guitar on my 1980 Tobacco Burst Les Paul.

– Kerin Carr 


The EP concludes with “The Queen of Siam.” “The Queen of Siam” by Kerin Carr recounts the loss of a dear friend and influential figure who aided her transition. This rock ballad unfolds gradually, infused with tender emotion. Carr’s vocals, delivered in a folk-rock style, imbue each lyric with profound significance. The song is enriched by poignant guitar riffs and expressive melodies, delving into the depths of grief. Through her vocal performance, Carr illuminates the sorrow embedded within the song’s narrative.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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