Cosmorat – something in the rain

Indie-pop innovators Cosmorat release their new single, something in the rain. It emits shimmering sounds that are as calming as a warm fire. However, they can also be quite dynamic, headlining grit. The vocals have the power to immerse you quickly.

something in the Rain explores the subject of social anxiety within group settings, and shows the reliance on substances to navigate through such situations. Taylor (lead singer of Cosmorat) and her friends often grapple with these feelings, finding it impossible to blend in and feel at ease in public spaces. The struggle to appear ‘normal’ in today’s world, in conjunction with the pressure to maintain stability like affording rent, can feel overwhelmingly unjust compared to others. Despite attempts to cultivate gratitude, guilt often persists, making the road towards comfort and acceptance a complex one.

Cosmorat leads the way with their quirky style. We absolutely cannot get enough of what they make. It proves just how talented these people are. Check out something in the rain below!

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