KARINA – escape artist

KARINA resides in Williamsburg, Virginia. She shares her new single, escape artist, alongside the album, what happened to the little girl?. A cool guitar backdrop appears behind bubblegum synths. The chorus hooks you with its well-crafted structure. To communicate her thoughts concisely, KARINA sings in an expressive tone.

This song talks about escaping your problems–something KARINA frequently does. She learned that one of her coping mechanisms is to pretend that her problems don’t exist and to stop thinking about them. That can shield you from your feelings for a short time, but then things can start building up and you’ll be experiencing everything that you were supposed to feel over the last few weeks, all at once.

With escape artist, KARINA makes it clear that it’s normal to be uncertain about things. The truth is that no one can be perfect. Perhaps knowing this makes us want to flee from daily life. Absolutely fascinating thematical content here by KARINA. The lyrics provide a lot of food for thought.

Check out escape artist below!

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