Karra Rhodes – Why can’t I love you less

Natural-born artist Karra Rhodes releases her new single, Why can’t I love you less. It’s engineered with steadily paced drums and melodic guitar. A little bit like what you’d hear in Motown’s glory years, there’s a neat build-up from verses to chorus. The vocals breathe sincerity, with moments when their raw intensity becomes obvious.

Why can’t I love you less evinces the difficulty of understanding love. In addition to addressing this, it also delivers an ode on letting go of the ghost of a past relationship. Karra’s lyrics possess subtle nuances that make them unique compared to others you cross.

With this song, you’ll feel like summer is just around the corner. Karra certainly raised the bar, indicating that she’ll be able to accomplish even more in the years to come. Power move, right?

Check out Why can’t I love you less below!

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