Lynden Strikes Tackles Depression On ‘Change’

In his latest release, Change, singer-songwriter Lynden delves into soulful territory, delivering a track that resonates deeply with its touching lyricism.

Lynden – Change

From an early age, Lynden’s journey has been intertwined with music, inspired by his parents and picking up his first guitar at just eleven years old. His passion led him to pursue music studies in college, followed by an exploration of music production and sharing his covers on SoundCloud.

Following the success of his previous single, You, which garnered thousands of streams, Lynden presents Change, a song that dives even deeper into thematic complexity. Lynden’s latest composition delves into the intricate depths of depression, a pervasive emotional struggle experienced by millions worldwide, including Lynden himself in the past.

Drawing from personal encounters and a profound understanding of the role depression and anxiety played during his formative years, Lynden penned Change with a noble aspiration. To extend a beacon of hope through his music, reassuring listeners that amidst the darkness, a glimmer of light exists, reminding them they are not alone in their journey.

With his signature soothing vocals, Lynden reveals a vulnerable side, allowing his heartfelt songwriting to take centre stage. Supported by poignant instrumentation blending emotive guitar chords, subtle drumming, and heartfelt backing vocals, Change emerges as a powerful and relatable composition.

“Change is a remarkably impactful piece.”

Lynden’s ability to connect with audiences through his genuine expression ensures that his musical journey continues to impress and inspire.

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