Mery’s Key – Step By Step

Credit: Davide Zugna

Mery’s Key, an unusual duo led by vocalist Mery Bertòs and bassist Kevin Reginald Cooke, share their debut single, Step By Step. And, yes, they do have the potential to have a great pop career. Why? It’s mainly because they breathe musically, which is reflected in the song’s arrangement. The groove sounds just right, bopping steadily with the perfect amount of texture. As for the melody, it’s fun, has fresh aspects, and most importantly, the catchiness gives it momentum. Especially with Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s hype, this song should be popular.

Step By Step focuses on the universal struggle of wanting more and more. It seems like our patience has dwindled so much these days. For this, maybe we need to chill out a bit and let the universe decide when we achieve our goals. One thing is for sure, if we just do our thing and move on without too many expectations, we’ll have less stress.

We at Lefuturewave value good music, and Mery’s Key delivers that. And this only marks the beginning, can you believe it? It means more is coming, and we’re totally ready.

Check out Step By Step below!

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