Niro Knox Packs A Heavy Metal Punch in Debut Releases

Niro Knox is gearing up for the release of his 12 song LP this June by releasing a handful of must-hear singles! The songs he has released so far lean towards heavy metal, with a strong influence of 80s glam rock and metal. All songs are spectacularly written, containing excellent vocal melodies and emotional deliveries. Each song has incredible guitar parts that showcase the true talent of Niro Knox. These first 6 songs will get listeners excited for what is to come from Niro Knox!

For Fans of: Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Virgin Steele 

The most recent drop is titled “Save Me.” From the get-go, aficionados of rock music will find themselves irresistibly pulled in by the authoritative guitar riff and tone. Niro Knox showcases his vocal talents across the track, employing his voice to amplify the energy, especially in the pre-chorus and chorus sections. The track is rounded off with an incredibly infectious vocal melody and an exceptional guitar solo! The song features excellent cover art as well.

A wall of guitars will seduce listeners to fandom. “Love Me Back” is packed with quite the punch! It’s an extraordinary single from beginning to end, undeniably one of Niro Knox’s strongest tracks. For those who lean towards a mellower vibe, explore the live acoustic rendition of the song. The minimalist instrumentation beautifully highlights Niro Knox’s songwriting prowess. “Love Me Back” remains a formidable piece regardless of the studio version’s remarkable production.

Niro Knox’s most streamed song on Spotify is currently “I Don’t Believe You.” This song is a nod to 80s metal and hard rock. Distorted lead guitars and heavy drums bring power to the track while Niro Knox delivers an outstanding vocal performance. On YouTube, one fan commented, “It’s awesome to hear rock hasn’t died. It’s still alive and the example is right here. Long live true rock. Great track!!” Here at Rock the Pigeon, we have to agree! Niro Knox is doing an excellent job on keeping rock alive!

The epic guitars and heavy drums continue on “I Don’t Care.” This song is a bit faster paced and carries great emotion. Niro Knox is telling off an enemy in the lyrics of this song. He realizes his power and chooses to ignore the lies that are being spewed. He delivers his vocals with lots of attitude and total power. Be sure to stick around for the epic guitar solo. Niro Knox is quite the talent!

Transitioning away from the defiant tone of “I Don’t Care,” we encounter a different facet of Niro Knox in “I Won’t Let You Down.” This ballad offers listeners a deeper glimpse into Niro Knox’s intricate emotions. He serenades someone he holds dear, expressing unwavering commitment. Through lyrics like “I’m here to stay, Cause when you hit the ground, You know I’ll be around, You’ll never walk through life alone, I won’t let you down,” he convinces the audience of his steadfast character. A stunning bass line is one of the greatest parts of this song. We think this song would be a great closing piece for Niro Knox’s upcoming LP.

The final track veers towards the most metal out of all the songs. “Bad Times” blasts through the speakers with fast-paced, distorted guitars and an angsty vocal delivery, complete with a growl. This tune features a mesmerizing vocal melody that will grip listeners from beginning to end.

Written by Ryan Cassata

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