Joshua Reilly Really Has the Perfect Song

Joshua Reilly has a song that is absolutely perfect from start to finish. “Every Reason I Run” is captivating from the very first acoustic guitar notes. The warmth of the acoustic sets the stage for Reilly’s vocals to float like honey above. There’s a rawness to his vocal styling that occasionally lends a gritty edge, adding depth and authenticity to the performance. The drums, bass line, and organ kick in, while still allowing the acoustic guitar and vocals to maintain center stage. This song is very catchy from start to finish, not just in terms of melody, but also in terms of excellent storytelling. Reilly sings about a relationship that is fading fast into deeper and deeper toxicity. He shares some of the songwriting inspiration in the quote below:

“‘Every Reason I Run’ is about the consequences of neglect. It’s a case being made for justifiable infidelity. A defendant laying out the facts, causes, and subsequent results of a painful series of events that might lead someone to empathize with the person stepping out. It’s very much an anthem for those who’ve had enough of a relationship that has been stripped down to nothing. It’s also meant to serve as a wake up call to someone who may be neglecting their partner’s needs.” – Joshua Reilly 

Be sure to listen to “Every Reason I Run” by Joshua Reilly on Spotify now:

Writen by Ryan Cassata

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