Planet CeCe Explores Social Media On ‘no self-lover’

Planet CeCe, addresses the detrimental effects of excessive social media with her latest single, no self-lover.

Hailing from a background of German heritage and raised in Cambridge, CeCe’s musical journey began with inspiration drawn from a Swedish-German children’s TV show. Witnessing the main character’s ability to craft and perform her own songs ignited CeCe’s passion, leading her to enlist the help of her older brother, Alex, to learn the guitar.

Fast forward to 2022, and this dynamic sibling duo began producing and releasing CeCe’s music to an enthusiastic audience. Their efforts garnered significant attention on Spotify and earned recognition from esteemed platforms such as BBC Radio 1, BBC Introducing, and NOTION. Notably, their track Been Some Time has amassed over 170,000 streams since its release in 2023.

In her first single of 2024, Planet CeCe unveils the mesmerizing track, ‘no self-lover’, a composition that delves into the nuanced interplay between ignorance and self-awareness in the context of social media. Addressing the detrimental effects of excessive screen time and incessant self-comparisons is especially poignant for Gen Z navigating the virtual landscape.

On no self-lover, listeners witness CeCe’s evolution as an artist. While maintaining elements of her signature dance-pop sound, she ventures into a more alternative direction, incorporating shoegaze-style guitars and irresistible 808 drums. Her infectious vocals blossom amidst a backdrop of melancholic melodies, culminating in a memorable hook that you won’t be able to get out of your head.

On ‘no-self lover’ CeCe offers a contemplative reflection on the modern digital era.

As she embarks on a promising journey in 2024, CeCe has an array of surprises in store for her audience, including more music releases, live performances, and a concept album slated for year’s end. With its irresistible allure, Planet CeCe beckons listeners to revisit her musical universe time and again.

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