Aimee Pendlebury – Headcounts

Credit: Dominykas Deksnys

Singer-songwriter Aimee Pendlebury releases her new single, Headcounts. Let’s start with its intro, which gets you picturing yourself walking outside of the shadows, following the guitar’s sound. You feel like you’ve come home. As soon as the first verse begins, Aimee’s voice gets outlined, and lines are painted that the arrangement can trace. Haunting harmonies freshen up the chorus. Although the sound is doubtlessly affected by artists like Hozier and Holly Humberstone, it still strikes as ingenious.

Headcounts explores the situation where you can’t sleep at night and the negative thoughts running through your mind. You keep asking yourself countless questions, driving yourself crazy. It was through this song that Aimee was able to channel her feelings and be more at peace.

We can be honest about the reality that Headcounts goes above the mark. It couldn’t have been better. It’s Aimee communicating with the underlying music, and that should always be the cornerstone.

Check out Headcounts below!

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