Cloud Nothings announce new album Final Summer with single ‘I’d Get Along’

American rock outfit Cloud Nothings are set to release their 10th studio album Final Summer next month, continuing a 15-year streak of unimpeachably fantastic guitar rock albums. 

Cleveland’s loudest export have returned with a tremendous new single, ‘I’d Get Along’, a loud and proud rock number with crashing drums and fuzzy riffs as they begin to experiment with some doom metal and heavy rock. 

Vocalist/guitarist Dylan Baldi said this on ‘I’d Get Along’: “I got pretty obsessed with the band Earth during the pandemic, and that led to an obsession with other doom metal, and then I started buying lots of fuzz pedals and downloading distortion plugins online – basically just anything that would blow out my guitar sound and get it sounding somewhere in the deep and fuzzed out ballpark of the heavy music I was listening to. 

“’I’d Get Along’ is sort of a Cloud Nothings take on that sound, where the guitar is big and bulky but there’s a really poppy vocal melody on top, and the drums are bouncy and rolling around the other instruments in their own idiosyncratic way.”

‘I’d Get Along’ follows earlier singles ‘Final Summer’ and ‘Running Through The Campus’. The album is bursting with the unbridled joy that comes from playing guitars and drums loudly. This is not the work of a scrappy new band cramming all of their ideas into a debut album or grizzled veterans grinding through another release: it’s one of the tightest and most invigorating rock bands active today, driven to make the best version of themselves. 

Made up of Baldi, drummer Jayson Gerycz and bassist Chris Brown, their 10th studio album Final Summer is due April 19th via Pure Noise Records

Featured image by Errick Easterday

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