Fleur Lion – Won’t Follow You

Rotterdam-based artist Fleur Lion tackles a topic close to her heart in her latest single, Won’t Follow You. It focuses on mental health challenges and struggles. By sharing her experiences of finding her way in the system of therapists, Fleur provides some valuable insight. It comes down to this: she wants to be taken seriously, in spite of being labeled. According to her, you aren’t defined by your diagnosis. Caregivers should understand that.

Won’t Follow You reminds me of French pop music from the ’10s, which is awesome. Like dancers in a ballroom, the different sounds swirl around each other. The chorus, with its rhythmic rotation, really makes the production flourish. Fleur doesn’t disappoint when it comes to her singing.

It’s admirable that artists continue to make music that challenges conventional thinking. Fleur tries to make you feel less alone, as well as criticize the healthcare system. She wants to change things for the better. So let’s forget labels altogether.

Check out Won’t Follow You below!

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