Tom Skinner – History (I Don’t Care)

Twenty-four-year-old singer-songwriter Tom Skinner publishes his new single, History (I Don’t Care). It set outs the feelings of jealousy you have when you hear more about your partner’s past. You may even feel overwhelmed by this. Because how did you not know? Skinner uses humor to tell his story, which makes it feel light-hearted. Let that be one of the ingredients for a successful pop song.

The acoustic guitars initially lend an easing feeling to the production, but as soon as the electric ones are launched, it becomes bolder. The chorus makes a sharp turn, before reverting back to the original sound, this time with drums. We appreciate the constancy of the vocal progression.

Skinner continues to fine-tune his skill set. On History (I Don’t Care), we spot an artist who loves to write music. Check it out below!

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