Leen – Why Can’t You Fly?

Leen started her music career from scratch. Now she debuts Why Can’t You Fly?. It speaks the truth in its lyrics. They’re inspired by Sara Hegazi. If you’re unfamiliar with her, we’ll tell you. Sarah was an Egyptian socialist, writer and lesbian activist who committed suicide because of social pressures. In various ways, this woman reminds Leen of her childhood. She also grew up in the Middle East, and faced many challenges and unrealistic expectations.

Why Can’t You Fly? provokes with its comparison between societal criteria for women and the idealized image of Jesus. It discusses the fact that women are often expected to have qualities like perfection and self-sacrifice, attributes that remind us of figures like Jesus.

The production of Why Can’t You Fly? has commercial appeal, featuring a swirl of sounds that build impelling force. Leen uses various vocal techniques to secure that her performance remains relevant. The chorus, which packs a stronger punch than the verses, embodies originality.

Check out Why Can’t You Fly? below!

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