Maisy Kay – Sunlight

Credit: Shervin Lainez

Singer-songwriter Maisy Kay releases her new single, Sunlight. It really takes us back to when Lana Del Rey first broke out. If you attentively listen to the song, you’ll get it. However, Maisy attaches her own vibe to the composition as well. We love the way she spins the sound until it morphs into different forms. The singing reacts sympathetically to the rest, as if things were meant to be.

In Sunlight, Maisy sings about someone who reminds her of sunshine. She spotlights the little things that matter to her when it comes to dating. From the lyrics, it appears that Maisy loves being in love.

Sunlight will keep the rain away. Maisy makes you feel right at home, giving you a peaceful idea of what a relationship can be like. Start streaming the song below!

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