Tessa and Friends – I Think We All Gonna Die

Credit: Margo Krivonos

Singer-songwriter Tessa and Friends considers music the best medium for expressing herself. She channels rage and frustration in I Think We All Gonna Die. It’s her way of letting everyone know she doesn’t agree with how society is structured. Tessa feels nervous about the future to some extent. If you look around, things don’t seem so good right now. There’s a lot of injustice, more than you can imagine. And what’s the government doing about it? Not much, from what I can tell.

I Think We All Gonna Die is generally marked by blasting guitars and rock-influenced drums. The vocals sound quite melodic, granting a logical path for the listener to travel down. We love that the opening and closing are acoustic-originated, which is a nice change of pace.

Tessa’s shoulders are heavy with worries here. For this reason, she wants to provoke discussion on a damaged world. In addition to that, Tessa strives to influence the musical landscape through inventiveness. Check out I Think We All Gonna Die below!

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