Hear Ivan M. Brown’s Genre-Defying Journey in “The Soul Thing”

Ivan M. Brown’s latest EP, “The Soul Thing,” defies conventional music genres with its genuine artistic expression. Recorded, produced, and mixed over several years in Brooklyn, NY by Ivan M. Brown himself, this EP showcases a unique blend of soulful melodies and experimental sounds.

Opening with the track “Slow,” the EP sets a soulful yet innovative tone. With its laid-back vocals layered over intricate synth arrangements and electronic beats, “Slow” offers an intriguing glimpse into Ivan M. Brown’s sonic landscape. While some may find the pace leisurely, the song effectively builds anticipation for what’s to come. Its thought-provoking lyrics invite listeners to delve into introspection, making it a standout piece on the record.

“It started as a self reflective and ironic take on night club culture, but it came out a little dark, and it produced more questions, than answers. The characters, are they actually having fun? Are they good people? Are they bad people? I don’t know, really.” – Ivan M. Brown

Continuing the journey with an edgy allure and velvety vocal delivery, the next track, “A Girl From New Jersey,” commands attention. This personal favorite of mine boasts a bassline that injects the song with undeniable charisma, ensuring its place as a standout gem within the EP. From its opening notes to its closing echoes, this track is an immersive vibe that captivates from start to finish.

“It’s a fun pop tune with it’s root’s in the 80s r’n’b. It gives me the rom-com vibes, and I like the characters, they are funny, awkward, and believable (I hope) It has a little bittersweet feeling to me, all those little romantic moments, like old polaroid pictures that you found in a shoe box during the move.” – Ivan M. Brown

Prepare for an auditory adventure as “The Soul Thing” unveils fresh sonic dimensions. With a tempo that quickens the pulse, this track commands attention effortlessly. Anchored by a formidable synth bass and punctuated by a snare that gleams like a beacon, it’s a feast for the senses. Amidst the sonic tapestry, tasteful background vocals and harmonies dance gracefully, accompanied by a bluesy electric guitar solo that adds depth and texture. But it’s the irresistible vocal hook that truly steals the show, leaving an indelible mark on the listener’s soul.

“It was the first song that I wrote for this EP and it remains the central imo. I like how self irony comes together with the hyper romance and the soul music vibes. Alsio I enjoyed creating the fake bossa nova sample, it was fun to produce something that sweet and playful.”

– Ivan M. Brown

Next we hear ‘Mental Health’ with a thunderous roar of heavier drums, instantly seizing the listener’s focus with its compelling lyrics. If I were to reshuffle the EP’s lineup, this track would reign supreme as the opener, offering a stunning display of Ivan M. Brown’s genre-blending talents. It’s a sonic marvel, boasting an infectious melody that weaves seamlessly through captivating synth arrangements and an insistent drumbeat that commands attention at every turn.

Concluding the EP with a bang is ‘This is It (Stay),’ a relentless force of energy and experimentation. Delving deep into the realms of experimental synth wave, and even hip hop and pop, it pulses with an electrifying vitality that sets it apart. The addition of percussive bells adds a distinctive touch, ensuring it stands out amidst the crowd. Yet, amidst its daring innovation, it yearns for a hook melody that matches its fervent intensity, a minor critique in an otherwise exhilarating finale.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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