Isla de Luca – he said

Credit: @digitalsmeg/Meg Clark

We’re thrilled to announce the entrance of a brand new pop star to the scene: Isla de Luca. She chooses a sassy sound for her debut single, he said. Its dance-pop production goes against the grain. We like the way the beat spins around as well as the progression it establishes. The vocals are primarily responsible for anchoring the melody, but they do this with much belief.

What’s this song about? We have the answer. It’s about a woman who makes her way through the music industry and realizes there’s a cost to everything. Despite going after what she wants, manipulation lurks behind the scenes.

he said feels like a warning. It raises questions regarding the power dynamics within creative businesses. We’re glad Luca brings up this topic, and hopefully it will spark discussion.

Check out he said below!

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