Amelia Celebrates Self-Worth On ‘Nice To Meet You’

Liverpool’s rising songstress, Amelia, returns with ‘Nice To Meet You’ a compelling anthem celebrating self-worth and acceptance.

Amelia – Nice To Meet You

In her previous outing, Amelia showcased her musical prowess with the release of Gravity this past January. Garnering great reviews from music platforms like Bored City and Right Chord Music, the track amassed thousands of streams, solidifying her status as a rising talent.

Fast forward two months, and Amelia returns with ‘Nice To Meet You’. Delving deep into themes of self-realization and healing, the track explores the journey of breaking free from the shackles of people-pleasing to prioritize one’s well-being. With clever lines like “I’m a people pleaser in remission,” Amelia’s lyrical prowess shines, capturing the essence of this transformative process with remarkable clarity.

In this soulful composition, delicate acoustic guitar melodies intertwine with solemn piano chords, skillfully encapsulating the theme’s delicate nature. Departing slightly from her typical song structures, Nice To Meet You distinguishes itself by eschewing electronic elements, opting instead for a raw and unadorned melody. Recorded entirely live, each instrument contributes to amplifying the vulnerability of Amelia’s already emotionally charged performance.

“With Nice To Meet You, Amelia delivers a beautifully executed melody that serves as a poignant ode to self-discovery and renewal. “

In the past, Amelia has demonstrated her ability to pour her heart out through her lyricism. However, Nice To Meet You elevates that artistic frankness to a whole new level, revealing a more personal side. This not only exposes a facet of intimacy that others can relate to but also showcases a bold display of musicianship that we hope she continues to bring in future releases.

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Words Javier Rodriguez

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