Abby Nissenbaum Shines On Delicate New Single ‘Real Friends’

Nashville-based LGBTQ+ Indie-Pop artist Abby Nissenbaum returns with ‘Real Friends’, a melancholic indie-pop track that showcases her honest, emotion-driven songwriting.

Following a series of successful singles in 2023, which earned her recognition far and wide, Abby continues to captivate listeners with her ability to craft infectiously catchy tunes infused with raw emotion. ‘Real Friends’ is built around a minimal yet effective and impactful backdrop of layered e-bow and finger-picked guitar, allowing Abby’s yearning and heartfelt vocals to take centre stage. Building throughout, the track makes excellent use of its minimal electronic drums and layered vocal harmonies.

Engineered by Jonny Ullman and produced by Steph Trivison, the song captures a captivating fragility and rawness as Abby explores the complexities of broken friendships. Abby explains:

“‘Real Friends’ explores the complicated, dissonant feelings surrounding people who once meant the world to you but are no longer in your life. The song touches on themes of betrayal, backstabbing, and broken trust, and someone told me a while back that so-called ‘friends’ who engage in such behaviour are not your true friends, just ‘some motherfuckers you know.’ It was such a simple and brusque statement that made me laugh during a hard time, and it’s a good reminder that while you can’t ‘un-know’ or ‘un-meet’ people who have caused you harm, you can relegate them to the category of “terrible individuals that [I] happen to know.”

With ‘Real Friends’, Abby Nissenbaum solidifies her status as a rising star in the LGBTQ+ Indie-Pop scene. Her ability to craft deeply emotive and musically intriguing tracks sets her apart, drawing listeners in with her raw honesty and infectious melodies. As she continues to navigate the complexities of human relationships through her music, Abby’s artistry promises to resonate with audiences far and wide.

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