daisychain explode onto the scene with stylish single ‘Stay’

If the Stone Roses or The Smiths are your tonic, congratulations… you’ve got yourself a new band to champion!

If you’re starting a new band, it’s tough! First, figure out how to be ‘unique’, decide who plays what, and perhaps – most crucially – find a sound that works. In the case of daisychain, they’re building on the tried and tested sounds of their Manchester forefathers (The Smiths, Stone Roses), and it really works!

The Mancunian four-piece were founded by childhood friends Lissy Nicholson (lead vocals, guitar) and Jack Bryan (drums). With Lewis Jeffrey (guitar) and Harris Briggs (bass) completing the line-up, you’ve got a band who has giant potential. Their music tackles all the typical teenage emotions you’re all too familiar with; heartbreak, aimlessly nattering to someone you fancy for hours, and daydreaming – all those adolescent moments that feel so life or death.

Daisychain have set their stool out with confidence on their debut single, ‘Stay’. Jeffrey’s guitar melodies delight with Johnny Marr-esque familiarity, and Lissy finds the space for some equally charming vocals. ‘Stay’ moves light on its feet, with guitar work so nimble that you feel like you could float away. This isn’t to say that the chorus doesn’t pack a hefty punch – I found myself humming it (literally) days later!

Inside the jangly indie pop packaging of ‘Stay’, the new kids on the block show other facets of their sound. I love the distorted waves of guitar and crashing cymbals during the outro, and I can’t not mention those thick layers of chorus vocals… who knows, daisychain may have some heavier anthems to come!

‘Stay’ arrives just weeks after daisychain’s first sold-out headline gig at Manchester’s Lock91. And with daisychain HQ gearing up for more single releases and gigs in 2024, the hype around these Rainy City newbies isn’t going anywhere fast. If you love yourself some jangly sounds, this is an essential listen. Check out daisychain’s debut single ‘Stay’ below.

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