Max Norton Shares His Cosmic Experience On Comets

Max Norton explores themes of longing, desire and self-discovery through astrological imagery and emotive indie rock on his fourth solo offering ‘Comets’.

Max Norton – Comets

Opening the track with a simple yet moving Americana-inspired guitar riff and the line ‘I’ve been waiting up for you for some time’, Max Norton immediately evokes a wave of nostalgia both musically and lyrically. Despite the track’s melancholic undertones and themes of feeling lost, Norton successfully weaves in feelings of awe and wonder with the repeated astrological imagery of stars and comets, used to convey a sense of separation and distance possibly within himself or in a relationship.

Musically the track is propelled along by an underlying energy, held together by a steady rhythm section which comes as no surprise considering Norton’s credibility as an accomplished drummer for artists such as Olivia Jean and Benjamin Booker. The track is sparsely decorated with twinkling piano notes and a beautiful array of lightly distorted guitar riffs, reminiscent of American indie giants such as The Killers or the fellow Nashville-bred Kings of Leon.

The production on ‘Comets’ is raw yet subtle with a real DIY indie sound. Every aspect of the song is able to breathe without feeling overpowering or drowned out, and Norton uses this to his advantage to show off some impressive falsetto vocals leading up to the chorus and in the tracks dreamy instrumental bridge.

Norton wears his American roots on his sleeve whilst exhibiting his love of UK festival culture with a chorus of ‘Hold onto me, don’t ever let me down’, that wouldn’t sound out of place being shouted back to him by a Glastonbury or Reading festival crowd. Norton’s love of Glastonbury, and his fond memories of playing gigs in the UK, are what inspired his move across the pond to London where he now resides, so it only seems fitting that ‘Comets’ features such a perfect festival-ready sing-along chorus, which will surely have audiences hooked at his upcoming debut shows in London and the UK.

‘Despite the track’s melancholic undertones and themes of feeling lost, Norton successfully weaves in feelings of awe and wonder’

‘This track is about being lost in yourself and witnessing some cosmic events, whether you share the sighting of comets or not is up to you…’ – Max Norton

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