Calzy Shares The Honest And Hopeful ‘This Is It’

Calzy uses his unique blend of hip-hop and chilled indie pop as a backdrop to his vulnerable, honest and hopeful lyricism on ‘This Is It’.

Calzy – This Is It

‘This Is It’ wastes no time in catching the listeners’ attention, opening with a funk-inspired charismatic drum beat and tight, groovy bassline, it’s a track that instantly pulls you in and keeps you nodding along almost involuntarily. Calzy immediately demonstrates an admirable quality within his songwriting, which is his openness and desire to be vulnerable in his lyrics whilst still maintaining a dynamic flow within his rapping. This is shown in the first verse, where he opens up about the ‘fences he puts up’ and his tendency to get ‘attached too quickly’ when entering a new relationship.

Coming from the UK coastal town of Eastbourne, Calzy is incredibly good at making music that sounds like sitting with your friends on the beach on a warm summer’s evening. ‘This Is It’ makes for the perfect chilled summer song and it’s easy to imagine the track blasting from a speaker on a hot, sunny day. Its melodic sections are reminiscent of artists such as Easy Life and Still Woozy, whilst the effortless dynamic between rap and melody is a throwback to some of the early Mac Miller songs.

The track comes into its own musically when Calzy explores his more melodic side, contrasting the track’s tight groove with reverb-soaked, jazzy guitars and an absolute earworm of a chorus that will get stuck in your head for days. Calzy proves himself as a dynamic vocalist, being able to effortlessly switch between rapping and singing whilst proving that he’s more than capable when it comes to either. The chorus provides the perfect antidote to the relationship turmoil faced in the verses, with Calzy taking the time to reflect on his worries and realising that ‘it’s your life and you better get used to it, so why don’t you just smile and say that this is it’.

One of the main things that really stands out on ‘This Is It’, is the quality of the track’s production, and the finer details that give the track a strong sense of character such as the subtle ad-libs and sound effects in the verses or the high-pitched background vocals in the chorus. It’s clear Calzy puts just as much emphasis on the overall sound of the track as he does the lyrics and songwriting.

‘Calzy is incredibly good at making music that sounds like sitting with your friends on the beach on a warm summer’s evening’

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