Music Review: “Some Distant Memory” by Nors Records

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Within the boundless realms of musical exploration resides Some Distant Memory, a captivating project guided by the visionary Jasper Ian Albrecht and closely associated with Nors Records and the Nors Updates video channel, featuring a cast of animated bandmates led by the charming mascot Nora. Part 1 of their album, “Reflections,” emerged into the world in June 2023, introducing listeners to a mesmerizing collection of five singles: “Novel Narrative Instrumental,” “Raised in the Shades,” “Beauty Untouched,” “Forwards & Backwards,” and “Just A Story.” Despite navigating through the turbulent waters of COVID-19 disruptions and lineup alterations, the band remains resolute on their voyage of sonic discovery.

Building upon the successes of past endeavors, such as the captivating debut of the music video for “Sunrise Syndrome,” Jasper wasted no time immersing himself in the creation of “Reflections.” Yet, the path forward was not without its obstacles, as the band grappled with the challenge of maintaining a cohesive sound identity amidst fluctuating member commitments. Undeterred by these trials, their unwavering dedication shines through as they diligently craft an upcoming music video for the poignant track “Just A Story” and prepare to unveil Part Two of “Reflections,” alongside their eagerly anticipated album “Tide,” a testament to Jasper’s lyrical prowess.

Jasper shares, “Imagine standing at the edge of reality where dreams blend with memories and emotions become tangible notes floating in space…That’s what listening to ‘Reflections’ feels like.”

For further exploration, Some Distant Memory hosts a blog brimming with enthralling stories, newsletters, and tarot readings. You can also find clips of the upcoming “Just A Story” music video, along with gifs featuring their favorite characters and inspirations.

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