Mycosynth Releases The Pulsating EP ‘Diver’

Mycosynth deliver their debut EP  ‘Diver’ – melodic techno soundscaping driven by pounding beats.

Mycosynth – Diver

If you are a fan of MTG gaming then you’ll know that Mycosynth can cause metallic growth in living organisms and conversely turn equipment into living beings, how apt that its namesake, Mycosynth’s debut EP has transformed the studio into a pulsating unique body of work that infiltrates the mind.

‘Diver’ consists of four tracks, each coming in at under 6 minutes and so rather than indulge in a single feast of melodic techno we are treated to a taster menu of what Mycosynth has to offer, each track on its own being quite satisfying but leaving the listener wanting a bit more.

We start with ‘Creepers’ which delivers exactly as labelled, the sonic sound creeps up on you demanding attention, and the bass line pricks up your ears and is then built upon with hints of notes to come until both the squelchy and melodic riffs worm their way into your ear and brain. ‘Creepers’ is interspersed with dramatic lifts and drops, culminating in a finale that traverses the scales before coming to a tidy stop that says take it easy there’s more to come. 

Secondly ‘ Valleys’ the single from the EP, shows Mycosynth’s sense of humour. Its jaunty melodies suggesting your favourite cartoon character dancing in the sunlight of the hilltop are juxtaposed by the foreboding deep dark crevices of the driving bass, pulsating cymbal and sonic synth that in turn is, in the final instance, pleasantly relieved by the return of cheeriness and light.  

This is followed by ‘‘So They Say’ and now we have left the day behind and are in the dark of night, put on your shades and get your head down for some solitary dancing with your hands in the air because this track delivers dark pounding bass lines overlaid with builds, stops and drops that will have you moving to the rhythm.

We finish with ‘Divers’, the flagship track of the EP, an atmospheric piece intertwining tension and release. A dramatic build halfway through the track is followed by a lovely riff that slowly brings you down to earth. Put it on the car stereo or your headphones for the subway ride home and indulge yourself with being the protagonist in your own movie.

Mycosynth presents a debut EP “Diver” filled with imagination and energy.

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Words Stevie Bourke.

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