BXRRELL Release Explosive New Single, ‘White Noise’. 

BXRRELL’s latest single, ‘White Noise’ fearlessly tackles the issue of misogynistic comments targeted at women within the music industry.

BXRRELL – White Noise

This track, marking the fourth release from the immensely talented three-piece band, radiates confidence and sophistication while effectively conveying a powerful and unapologetic message.

Like a lightning bolt, ‘White Noise’ opens with an electrifying guitar riff that jolts the listener’s attention. As lead vocalist Sophie Burrell begins to sing, her voice is simultaneously soft and powerful, evoking a sense of deep emotion. As the song progresses, a veritable wall of sound envelops listeners, with a fierce and poignant musical arrangement that tells a story that is all too familiar for women in the music industry, particularly in heavier circles.

The lyrics of this single are not only catchy but also noteworthy for their message. The band challenges their critics through their lyrics urging them to ‘fall to the floor’ and go back to where they belong. This statement of intent is significant, marking the beginning of a new era for the three-piece. It is a defining moment in BXRRELL’s career, and one that is sure to garner attention for its powerful lyrics and message.

An unapologetic call to action that challenges the status quo and encourages listeners to stand up for what they believe in, the band’s message is clear: they will not be silenced or held back by their critics, and they will continue to create music that speaks to their truth.

A thought-provoking release can often be hard to master, especially so early on in a band’s career, yet here, BXRRELL’s lyrics touch on themes of gender inequality, discrimination, and the struggle for recognition that women often face in the music industry. ‘White Noise’ manages to be both delicate and commanding at the same time, conveying a profound sense of emotion and urgency that is impossible to ignore.

BXRRELL are about to embark on their first-ever headline tour in May. Including six exclusive dates. The release of ‘White Noise’ is destined to add to that excitement, blending these personal lyrics with groovy instrumentation that is set to get audiences moving. 

‘White Noise’ is an incredible release that will deeply resonate with listeners. The lyrics are evocative, speaking directly to the heart of a woman’s experience. The song explores the challenges faced in the music industry in an honest and compassionate way. ‘White Noise’ offers a message of hope and resilience that inspires and uplifts. 

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