JR Wicker – Weird Magic (Album)

Memphis-born, Atlanta-based musician JR Wicker explores uncharted musical domain in his new album, Weird Magic. This obviously sounds mysterious, but you can expect exactly that. Wicker isn’t a repeater, he wants to move on to the next thing. We listened with wide open ears, so that we could catch every single tidbit. There are many illustrious moments, so don’t temper your anticipation.

Burnt opens the album with a bang. Its dreamy rock instrumentals lean against flashing electronic textures. It works well, and as the sound upgrades, more and more reveals itself. Darkness sounds less unconventional, with catchy guitars and drums in the driving seat of something. Telepathy has a kind of lo-fi effect that gonna make you feel like you’re spiraling around planets.

Oh How it Shined starts off with a spotlight on delicate strings before switching to a more groove-driven arrangement. Nothing is out of place. Everything is as it should be. Window follows a tangled pattern, involving a section in the middle that take you out of moodiness and into up-tempo settings.

Wicker calms things down a bit on Glass, a brief ghostly ramble that lingers at the edges of your consciousness, gorgeous strings and haunting voices raised together in search of something that might not yet exist. Curse builds on Wicker’s poetic progression, backed by vivid instrumentals. The album ends with World In Me, and its buoyant introspection causes a cyclical yearning to hear it again and again.

Wicker put out an album people will still talk about in ten, twenty years. We think that’s sensational. Not many artists are capable of pulling this off. Let’s give a round of applause to Wicker, the multi-talented man. There are worse nicknames you could have, right? Putting all that aside, check out Weird Magic, you’ll have a wonderful time.

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