Lucy Wroe – Heartbeat Wipers

Credit: Max Bandicoot

The new single from Lucy Wroe is Heartbeat Wipers. We love how the song starts with an actual sample, signifying that things will be real. And yes, you’re in for something matchless. As the melody flickers over the ear, the vocals come out as birds during springtime. Looping guitar chords speak like humans, permitting the soul to be quickly opened.

Heartbeat Wipers alludes to being completely dependent on the person who knew you best, and losing yourself when a relationship ends. It’s difficult to move on from the past and forget certain things. However, you’ve to do it somehow. Take everything that has happened as a learning experience, because it will make you stronger.

Lucy’s musicality and candid lyrics harmonize as sweet and sour. She doesn’t desire to be the next pop star, but rather an artist who can link with people on a spiritual level. Check out Heartbeat Wipers below!

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