Kimi Nickerson Will ‘Incriminate You’

Enter the world of dark pop’s rising star, Kimi Nickerson, as she unveils her debut track, Incriminate You. It’s an auditory voyage through themes of deceit, betrayal, and reclaiming one’s agency.

Kimi Nickerson – Incriminate You

Originally from Switzerland, Kimi Nickerson has made London her home since 2017. As an artist, singer, songwriter, and music producer, she skillfully merges her passion for cinematic instrumentation and electronic synthesizers with the gritty beats of dark trap and drill drums. Coupled with her insightful songwriting, Kimi’s unique blend creates captivating music that grabs your attention from the first note.

From her earliest memories, Kimi has been deeply involved in music creation and performance, harbouring a lifelong dream of turning her passion into a livelihood. This unwavering dedication shines not only in her solo endeavours but also in her diverse range of projects. These include composing and designing music for theatre productions and providing assistance to fellow artists, engineers, singers, producers, and songwriters. All of this unfolds within her recording studio, which she operates in partnership with her business collaborator.

With a determination to make her mark, Kimi Nickerson has unveiled her inaugural single, Incriminate You. This release holds profound significance for Kimi, resonating not only for its introspective lyrics but also as a manifestation of her journey from darkness to hope. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences of feeling undervalued and stifled, Kimi channels her emotions into this track, breaking free from the confines of societal expectations.

Driven by mesmerizing production and complemented by captivating backing vocals, Kimi’s voice effortlessly navigates between velvety smooth tones and haunting vocal effects. The result is a hauntingly beautiful soundscape that immerses listeners in a world of surreal auditory richness, almost tangibly conveying the weight of emotional depth within the music.

Incriminate You exudes a raw, dark, and irresistibly compelling allure.

Beyond the music, Kimi Nickerson aims to be a beacon of light for others who may be struggling, using her platform to promote authenticity and artistic honesty. Her ability to speak her truth through music without fear of judgment resonates with many, leaving audiences eager to witness her future endeavours unfold.

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