Alex Kate – High Club (EP)

Alex Kate is a singer/songwriter/producer of nostalgic pop. She systematically hits the right snare, and likes to invite others to peek into her visionary mind. What lives there isn’t just virtuosity, but dedication as well. Look at Alex’s music progress over the years, she always gone to great lengths to be different. There was no hype that could persuade her to follow the established standards.

New EP High Club is the cherry on top of Alex’s career. Not A Clue unlocks the project with twinkling melodic chords as the interface. An 80s-inspired rhythm shows up above it. Sober builds on the catchy sound of the first song and even expands on it. What you get is something pretty original. But For Now has a rotating cinematic pattern seasoned with pop soundscapes. Cold Fire moves at a slower pace and makes you feel like you’re flighting over the moon in a space shuttle. The title track bounces with gritty guitars and polished drum patterns.

High Club is concentrated around the highs and lows of relationships. As we all know, love isn’t spotless, but if you find balance, you’ll see the upsides. The fact that Alex sorts out all points makes it easier for you to give thought to them.

We can’t think anything other than Alex went for gold. If you fancy the EP, we’ve good news because she’ll play a headline show in London on May 2nd. We’re practically positive songs from the project will be performed live, and that’s something you don’t want to miss.

Check out High Club below! And you can buy show tickets HERE

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