Benedict Cork Gears Up for New Album with Catchy Hit “Nice Guy”

Benedict Cork is gearing up for the release of his new album ‘Notes On A Hopeless Romance’ which is due out on May 10th. His song “Nice Guy” is getting some serious praise, including support from BBC Radio 1 and Rock the Pigeon can understand why. This song has all the necessary elements of a successful pop song, including a catchy melody, lyrics that provoke emotion, and a soulful vocal delivery. The chorus is an incredible earworm that will have listeners coming back to the song over and over again. The song is made complete with an electric guitar solo!

“I was having a really tough time with dating when I wrote this song, especially in the gay community here in London. I wanted to write about the idea that if I was playing games with people, and f***ing them over, then I’d probably have more luck in finding love. It really seems to work with some people. ‘Nice Guy’ is me cosplaying as a f*** boy and imagining what it would be like to screw people over, muck them around, never call them back, and treat them like shit. My favourite line is ‘baby I know I could be the man of your dreams if I learn to f*** you over just like every other guy that you’ve been with’ as it really reflects the tongue-in-cheek mood of the whole song”. – Benedict Cork 

If you’re ready for a romantic hit, dive in to “Nice Guy” by Benedict Cork on Spotify now:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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