horsebread Exceed All Expectations On ‘Should Be’

Indie duo horsebread unveils their second single, Should be, a versatile track delving into the complexities of expectations and the exhausting endeavour of meeting others’ standards.

horsebread – Should be

Horsebread, comprised of Sam McLeod (vocalist, producer, guitarist, songwriter) and Andrew Frazier (bass player, songwriter, pianist), is an indie project infused with inspiration from music legends like Radiohead and Sufjan Stevens, with hints of MGMT, Warpaint, and Mew woven into their unique sound.

Their musical chemistry stems from their long history of playing together since they were eleven years old, initially performing in a homeschool band, where they began with trumpet and saxophone. Little did they know at the time that their shared passion for music would evolve into the captivating and eclectic sound that defines them today.

With their second official release, Should be, horsebread presents a melody that delves into the myriad expectations both artists faced while growing up—expectations about who they should become and how they should behave. The track also explores the relentless pursuit of meeting others’ perceived standards of worthiness, offering a profound analysis of the concept of people-pleasing.

This composition serves as a dazzling showcase of electronica, immersing the listener in a sonorous blend of electronic arrangements, layered vocals, and soulful instrumentation. Sam’s captivating voice shines brightly against the backdrop of awe-inspiring production, enhancing the overall experience.

With its eclectic and captivating blend, Should be exemplifies the harmonious collaboration between indie and electronica, resulting in a compelling and well-rounded opus.

As previously mentioned, the longstanding collaboration between these two talented musicians is evident in their body of work thus far. Like a finely tuned machine, horsebread’s music speaks volumes, evidenced by the thousands of plays they’ve garnered in a relatively short time. With more releases on the horizon, it’s clear that this group belongs where they are and further beyond.

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